In an additional panels, located on the Historical trail on Pelister, by an event and special speech of US ambassador Jess Baily, was shown the US assistance in the First World War (WWI), that was sent to Bitola and its surroundings. On the occasion of the centenary of the involvement of the United States in WWI, US Ambassador Baily, today has launched the memorial marks in the National Park Pelister.

For successfully organized event and cooperation in setting up the memorial of US assistance in WWI for Bitola and its surroundings, set in two panels of Historical trail on Pelister, His Excellency, Mr. Jess Baily has awarded a special gratitude to Pelister National Park.

The Director of the National Park Pelister, Mr. Amet Adzhiu, has given to the Ambassador Jess Bailey a photography of Mr. Baily’s hiking at Pelister expressing an spontaneous meeting with a group of Pelister hikers. This gift was a special and very pleasant surprise for the Ambassador.