Project “National parks of Dinaric Arc” – about visit in Macedonia.

On Tuesday evening (19.09.2012) we came to Ohrid, met people from 2 national parks of Macedonia… Today we had a very good meeting with director of HOTAM, general associat

ions of hotels in Macedonia. They are very interested in cooperation with us, and the main idea of the meeting was that local community, business and protected areas should work together. Sustainibility in every sense 🙂
The meeting in Agency for tourism promotion of Macedonia was GREAT!!! Director of Agency Jordan Trajkov is very enthusiastic with our project and he invited us to promote Parks Dinarides on the regional conference that he is organizing in April next year. There will be all the people in the region working with tourism, he wants to show Parks Dinarides as a case study and this is something that will be perfect for us.
Last not least, we met minister of environment of Macedonia, Mr. Abdilaqim Ademi! He listened to us presenting the project and offered to host the conference in 2013.
Macedonia, thank you for hospitality and beautiful food! A tip for all of you who don’t know Macedonian restaurants – KAJ JARE – the best BBQ ever :-). Petra Boic Bolcic